Kindergarten (4.5 – 6 year old)

Kindergarten is intended to meet all the developmental needs of young children – social, intellectual, creative, cultural, physical and emotional. It is a time for a child to experience social interaction, to develop communication skills, and to discover and explore. It is the first step in formal education and provides the foundation for future learning.

strong academic component in our program ensures that our students are well prepared for Grade 1. The program emphasizes early literacy and language learning, with an introduction to letters, letter sounds, sight words, numbers and math concepts. Various themes throughout the year provide a focus for learning activities and experiences

Children participate in circle time, story time, snack times, as well as in a wide variety of arts and crafts, recreational and outdoor activities and games. Children will be encouraged to express their needs around taking quiet or rest times.

Here are examples of elements or activities we will have in our Kindergarten Program Planning – it will be play-based and your child will be encouraged to participate. As a childcare service our outcomes include fun and safety so anyone who does not wish to participate will be guided to other activities.
– Colours and shapes
– Listening to stories
– Drawing, printing and colouring
– Singing songs
– Reciting the alphabet
– Recognizing and printing numbers from 1-20
– Recognizing and printing own name
– Distinguishing sets of more, less, same
– Storytelling
– Demonstrating left to right progression
– Understanding sequence
– Reciting poetry
All of our core principles of planning – e.g. opportunities for indoor and outdoor free play, quiet time, remain vital to our service. The list of skills you have just read through relate to kindergarten and are blended with our core activities – your child may not be aware they are being given the opportunity to acquire, enhance or practice these skill sets! Most importantly, students at the Kindergarten level develop an appreciation and love of learning all whilst having fun.

In addition, our students enjoy a variety of enrichment activities and outings throughout the school year.