Stepping Stone strive to provide nurturing and stimulating program through experienced personnel, current educational programs and an appealing surrounding. Our unique curriculum offers loving childcare while delivering an enriching and outstanding education program.

Our primary objective is for Children to feel safe and secure. We believe that a learning environment, which fosters respect for cultural diversity and utilizes a diverse approach, allows for optimal growth and development of young children. As we live in a multicultural world and our children will live in even more diverse world, we encourage our students to learn and experience different cultures by enjoying multicultural activities and a multicultural event every month. When there is a conflict, students are encouraged to solve conflicts peacefully by talking at a peace table. Our students learn to live happily with others in harmony. Young children’s developmental tasks are to build trust, learn social skills, begin mastery of academic skills and develop positive self-esteem. In order to best support these tasks, our program strives to provide developmentally appropriate activities, well trained and consistent staff, a safe and healthy learning environment, and continuity of care. Also, throughout the whole learning process we believe parents are their child’s first teacher; thus, we work to support parents in their efforts to guide their child’s development as well.


Whole Child

Our Brain-Based learning program is designed to develop the whole child. The following diagram describes the domains of development:



Brain-Based Learning

Stepping Stone offers an innovative approach to early childhood development. The essence is to create and enhance your child’s functions that control self-regulation. Before the age of six, these functions make learning become more natural, entering new environments become more comfortable and social abilities become stronger and easier.

We use this approach to independently develop both sides of the brain, the left (logical, structured, and analytical) and right (creative, intuitive, and imaginative) functions of the brain.



Stepping Stone recognizes that all children are individuals, and acknowledges that children will grow and develop at distinctive and varying paces. Developmentally appropriate activities are used to grow your child’s skills and abilities. Play will always be the main medium with which children learn and develop new skills in the program. Planned activities for children in the program will be open ended and the children will be allowed to complete the activity in ways that express and encourage their individuality.



Stepping Stone strives to assist children in developing strong independence skills, encouraging children to be responsible for their choices and the inevitable outcome of these choices. The cause/effect relationship of choices/outcomes will be stressed with all children in the program.